OSU Bass Studio

The goal of the OSU Bass Studio is to prepare students to be versatile, comprehensive 21st Century musicians. Whether your goal is to pursue a career as a performer, teacher, or even a career outside the arts, we help develop strong foundational skills to allow students to follow whatever musical path they might choose. While it is impossible to truly master all genres of music, demands on contemporary bassists are greater than ever before, necessitating greater stylistic flexibility. Teaching, orchestral performance, working in studios, playing shows, playing in military bands, big bands, combos, etc., are just a few musical situations contemporary bassists routinely find themselves in. The OSU Bass Studio takes a multifaceted approach to prepare students for whatever opportunities may come their way. It is a supportive community of bassists, where we encourage one another in learning and performing. As a teacher, my role is to provide tools, answer questions, and be a guide on the path. It is my objective to impart a measure of cognitive and musical flexibility in my students, fostering a balanced education that both nurtures skills, creativity and imagination, and to cultivate problem solving. My hope is that, rather than simply provide vocational skills, I can help students prepare to be successful musicians in whatever musical environment they may encounter. I utilize a model championed by my mentor David Baker: Imitate/Assimilate/Innovate.

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