String Degree Options

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Music - Performance

This degree will assist the student preparing for a professional performing career, graduate school and/or teaching in a collegiate or private school.

Bachelor of Music - Education

This degree, with three different areas of specialization (vocal certification, instrumental certification, vocal and instrumental certification), is designed for the student desiring a teaching career.  It prepares the student for the Oklahoma State Teacher's Certificate.  This degree is also excellent preparation for graduate school. 

Bachelor of Science - Music Industry

This degree's curriculum combines traditional undergraduate music education with practical experience and interaction with instructors and industry professionals who are actively engaged in the many facets of today's music industry.  The degree is designed for those interested in careers beyond music education or performance, such as arts administration, marketing or music technology.

Bachelor of Arts - Music

This degree offers the student a broad liberal arts instruction with an emphasis in the music field.

Minor in Music

This degree can supplement a student's non-music major with focused study in various academic and performance-based music topics.  Requires 24 credit hours of specified music courses.

Minor in Jazz

This supplemental minor can complement other music or non-music degrees and requires 17 total credit hours of specified music coursework.  Learn more.

Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Music in Applied Performance

This degree allows the student to develop a refined knowledge of the literature composed for his/her instrument, as well as to learn advanced pedagogical, technical and interpretive skills.  Performing opportunities, both solo and collaborative, are a pivotal component of the candidate's degree work.  This degree is designed for students pursuing a career in performance and/or collegiate teaching.

Patti Johnson Wilson Graduate Fellowships in String Orchestral Performance

The OSU String Area offers a total of four graduate string fellowship positions for violin, viola, cello and bass students.  A two-year program, this fellowship allows qualified applicants to pursue a graduate degree (Master of Music) at OSU while performing as section players with the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra.  Accepted appliants can expect to receive tuition waivers as well as health benefits while they are enrolled in the program.  Learn more.